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An engaging and whimsical book about faith, love and friendship! Kirkus Reviews

A wonderful collection of short stories. It is so easy to fall in love with the characters in each story. The author knows how to introduce and develop characters quickly and convincingly. Messages of love, forgiveness and faith reveal themselves before you realize, and before you know it- sadly each story comes to an end, A must read.

I highly recommend this book.

- Jayne E., Amazon Review

I am eager to share the book with family and friends!
- Pat, Goodreads Review

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading stories about relationships.  I will definitely hold on to this collection and read most, if not all, of these stories again.
- Kelly B., Booklook Bloggers Review


Absolutely one of the best reads I've had! There is something for everyone. Each story and relationship skillfully recounted and oh, so pleasant to read! I only allowed myself to read one a day, so I could savor each for what they had to offer. When's the next one? I thoroughly enjoyed this book!
- Roxnne Fawley, Author

"But I  Liked It & Other Lies"

20 Short Ones is a refreshing collection of simple tales about people who take a chance of rejection by daring to be open and honest with an acquaintance or stranger they encounter while going through their daily lives.
- Steve, Goodreads review

Here's a few reviews of 20 Short Ones to give you a better sense of reader response.  

My book has a 3.8 stars (out of 5) rating on Goodreads, where readers have posted over 61 ratings along with 34 reviews . 

20 Short Ones is a compilation of seemingly random, chance encounters in the big city, all of which result in a new connection that couldn’t have been formed without taking that leap of faith, summoning that ounce of courage. The characters stand out as strong and weak, beautiful and human, all at once.
- Janani H., Booklook Bloggers Review

This book makes you think. It makes you really dig deep and contemplate the various messages it has to convey, and it does it without you realizing it’s happening. I love this book! I highly recommend it.
- Denise M., Booklook Bloggers Review

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From the very first paragraph, I was drawn in by the writing style and the characters. The characters are complex and the stories have a depth and authenticity.

- Sharon Wilharm, Faith Flix Films

I especially liked the depictions of characters who are introverted or socially awkward; it can be easy to portray a character’s shyness or introversion as a “flaw” that he or she needs to grow out of instead of a human attribute that can be appreciated as much as another person’s outgoingness.

- Nadine Kells, Prismatic Prospects

The stories are engaging - the characters life-like. I really enjoyed this collection of short stores. They were full of conversations and relationship issues that many of us have faced.

- Tonja K., Booklook Bloggers Review

This is the first time that I have read anything by Dan Salerno and I will be reading more from him. I really enjoyed these short stories!

-Rita N.