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20 Short Ones

Dan Salerno

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Here's a couple of short videos discussing the motivation for writing 20 Short Ones, and the book's audience.

20 Short Onestakes you from Northern Ireland to New York and places in between. Each story offers a snapshot experience and an opportunity to emotionally relate to the age-old mystery of how friendships happen.  

20 Short Ones is a work of Christian Romance.

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An engaging and whimsical book about faith,

love and friendship. Kirkus Reviews

20 Short Ones is available via Barnes & Noble, Amazon and WestBow Press websites.

I have an authors' page on Goodreads 

20 SHORT ONES has over 50 ratings (on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble) averaging 4 stars out of 5! It's an enchanting collection of stories about relationships, new beginnings and fresh starts!

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